"OLD TIME SWING MUSIC! A collection of fine classics performed by the RATHAUS RAMBLERS"





"Congratulations on new release. It is fabulous. Bernie has a great sound system and we listened to it twice last night. He loved it. I went online and purchased 2 copies. Your voice is indeed silky and your arrangements are unique and exciting!" Jill Ann Robinson

      The Rathaus Ramblers play music from the time jass began, up through the Mississippi diaspora, across the boulevards of Harlem, the allees of Paris via Bellville, over the sands of Hindustan, on a ocean liner bound for China, genuinely authentic! The Rathaus Ramblers perform all over Germany and offer a top program of happy music played by top international musicians.


​      The Rathaus Ramblers first became known for their pro bono performances at Boxhagenerplatz and Maybach Ufer and then quickly as a band for clubs, swing dances, weddings, parties, events; a band that shows up, packs out and throws down, acoustic, dynamic, and swinging, an enviromentally friendly operation the Rathaus Ramblers play just about anywhere and share their message of love and happiness.


      With their latest recording, “Old Time Swing Music", the Rathaus Ramblers have crafted a high quality documentation of music that has gotten audiences dancing, clapping, cheering and moving for you our listeners because we love you too much and you deserve not just true fidelity, but HIGH fidelity!

The american doublebassist and singer Jonathan Robinson, the Rathaus Ramblers and the award-winning sound engineer Florent Chaintiou have recorded a set of classic swing gems in high fidelity setting a standard while portraying the high-energy-old-time-love-jazz music for which the Rathaus Ramblers are known. Featuring the fat bass and silky voice of Jonathan Robinson, the masterful "Louis and beyond" trumpet performance of Dima Bondarev, this recording will please every fan of good honest music grounded in tradition. On this album, the first release with the label Sungroove, the Rathaus Ramblers put on their sunday finest, polish the silver, and set their hands to bringing the listener on a fine journey with some of the best ships of the old time swing fleet delivered in the authentic high energy old time love jazz music way for which the Rathaus Ramblers have come to be known for. 14 of the best songs in the genre, such as Stardust, I'll See You in my Dreams, and Crazy 'bout my Baby!



      Rathaus Ramblers ist eine old-time swing Band um den aus New Orleans stämmenden amerikanischen Kontrabassist und Sänger Jonathan Robinson. Gegründet im Jahr 2009 als Jonathan Robinson und Luis Eckenberger sich auf der Ecke Simon-Dach-Str./Wühlischstr. im Friedrichshain sich traffen, würden die schnell für ihre herausragende Performances von old-time Jazz , Blues und so manchen überraschenden Covers von Country-, Rock n Roll- und Pop-Songs auf dem Boxhagenerplatz und Maybachufer und für den lokalen Hit-song „Friedrichshain, mein Friedrichshain“ bekannt. Seitdem sind die Rathaus Ramblers bei swingtanz Veranstaltungen, Parties, Restaurants, Firmenevents und Hochzeiten aufgetreten und begeisterten überall mit ihrer authentischen „old-time-love-jazz-music“ .


      Die Rathaus Ramblers spielen je nach Bedarf und Anlass in unterschiedlichen Besetzungen - vom Solo bis zum Sextett - und sind darauf spezialisiert, eine spannende Performance hundert Prozent akustisch zu liefern. Die Band ist ein umweltfreundliches Unternehmen. Wir fahren nur mit der Bahn und besitzen keine Autos.


     Wir sorgen für die passende musikalische Untermalung Ihres Events, Ihres Sektempfangs, Hochzeit, Geburtstag, Konzert, Festival oder Jazz Lawn Party. Wir haben die richtigen Lieder für Sie und die präsentieren wir auswendig und von Herzen.


„There are many ways to share your love with your fellow human beings. We like to do it through your eardrums!“


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